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Have You Ever Wondered How Brand-New Fix & Flippers Find Deals & Get Funding... With No Experience, Low Credit, and Little Capital?

We Have an Exclusive Community of People Just Like You Who are Creating Time and Money Freedom Through Real Estate Investing.

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Is Your Plan for Financial Freedom Happening Like it Should?

  • Does comfortable retirement feel like a pipe dream?
  • Are you still dependent on your next paycheck?
  • Do you have a financial legacy to pass onto your kids?
  • Do you wish you had more time for the things that really matter?
  • Do you have an exit strategy for your job?
  • Are you wondering how to earn money outside your job?

What Exactly is the Find-Fund-Flip System?

Our system includes every resource needed to complete a flip, start to finish. Consider it your blueprint to complete financial freedom through real estate. Whatever your goals and aspirations, we'll accelerate your timeline to achieve them.
Deal-Finding and Profit Calculating Software
Former General Contractors to Help You Rehab
Great Purchase and Rehab Funding Options. Up To 100% Funding For Great Deals With Lots of Equity 
An Entire Library of Training Videos By Our CEO, Who's Done Over 400 Flips 

"I went from a part-time salary to well over a six-figure income. We brought zero dollars to the table on this deal...We're looking at a $55k - $60k profit."

- Lauren, Indianapolis

Joe and Chelsea's Find-Fund-Flip Story:

Marcus's Find-Fund-Flip Story:

Randy's Find-Fund-Flip Story:

Here's How the Find-Fund-Flip System Works:

1. Master Finding Off-Market Deals

Members get access to our Investor's Edge Software, our deal-finding software with access to over 160 million property records in the US.

Sort by foreclosures, liens, cash buyers, vacancies, absentee owners and much more. Our members report that finding potential deals is no longer a problem.

Watch a quick demo where I find potential deals (and send them postcards) within 12 minutes!

2. Up To 100% Funding On Your Next Deal

We have members that have completed a fix and flip with $0 cash-to-close!

Not all deals are created equal. For really great deals with lots of equity we provide up to 100% funding. With that said, there are good deals that will require some cash to close, but are still really profitable and should be flipped.

We work with you to help you qualify deals before you ever get them under contract so you will have a good idea on how much funding your deal will be approved for.

It doesn't matter if you have bad credit and no flips under your belt... all we care about is the profitability of your deal. You don't need experience because we have it, and we'll be there every step of the way.

See a copy of an actual 100% funding deal that we funded in Lousiana with one of our members!


3. Step-By-Step Through The Rehab Process

Rehabbing a property is complicated.

You have to manage general contractors, bids, loan deadlines, emergencies, figuring out what to rehab, and supervising the project.

That's why we'll assign you a former general contractor to act as your project manager, as well as a dedicated loan servicer to check in with you.

We're only as successful as you are... so we'll do everything we can to make this work!


Ready to Take The First Step?

Financial Freedom - In 10 Years or Less

  • On average, our members profit $47,884 per deal—that's in-your-bank-account profit after all loan and property costs!
  • On average, our members' deals require $2,183 cash-to-close total.
  • The majority of our members are first-time fix and flippers.

"I'm looking for upfront and straightforward. This is the company that you want to work with... My plan is to make about $60,000 on this property."

- Andrea, Illinois

Meet Ryan G. Wright

I thought my life was planned out...

After I had been named Real Estate Rookie of the Year in Salt Lake City, I figured that financial & time freedom were just around the corner.

Over time I began to realize that while I didn't have a boss, I still "worked for" each of my clients... on weekends, evenings, and during important family events.

The money was fine, but I still didn't have the level of security and independence I craved.

I made a tough decision and jumped into real estate investing with both feet. Since then, everything changed. I could work when I wanted and how I wanted. I flipped hundreds of deals and secured my family's future.

Now I've made it my mission to help anyone, no matter their background, have a chance at freedom.

I love helping our members remove crushing debt from their shoulders, stop being slaves to their bi-monthly paychecks, and create a future filled with stability and enjoyment.

I firmly believe everyone should have a chance to create wealth and freedom. Every piece of the Find-Fund-Flip System has been designed with that belief firmly in mind.