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About The Investor's Edge

Our Mission:

We help you create your best life and personal freedom through Real Estate Investing.

We are an organization that firmly believes everyone deserves a chance at financial freedom, as long as they are willing to work for it.

Everything we do is designed to remove barriers, lower risk, and increase profit—even if you’re new.

We give you the Edge you need in Real Estate Investing:

There are three key ingredients that every real estate investor needs to be successful. This is true for both brand new real estate investors and experienced pros. 

The first ingredient is having a reliable source of good real estate deals that are not listed on the market. We call these off-market deals. We give you an edge as a real estate investor with our proprietary deal finding software that helps you find owners who either want to or need to sell their property.

The second ingredient is having access to a team of experts who can help you analyze each deal to make sure the values are there and that it can be a profitable deal. We give you an edge as a real estate investor by providing you with a team of experts that can look at your deal, help you value it, make sure you don't miss important repairs in your valuation, and then keep you on track to flip the property in a way that is profitable.

The third ingredient is funding for your deal. Our funding gives you the edge you need as a real estate investor to have access to the money you need to buy the property and fix it up. We fund up to 100% of great deals with a lot of equity. We also fund good deals that require some cash to close. Either way, having access to funding is a huge win for a real estate investor.

You can learn how all of this works by registering for a short on-demand webinar that explains it all.

900+ 5-star Reviews
A Rating on the BBB
22+ years in business

How We Can Help You With Your Real Estate Investing:

All-In-One Fix and Flip Solution

Our members get access to an entire suite of fix and flip training, resources, and software. With over 100 videos, 5 pieces of software, marketing downloads, contract templates, and more, we provide more fix and flip guidance than any other hard money lender. We help our members with both residential fix and flips and now raw land flipping where you don't have to fix up anything.

We realized a long time ago that our members would bring us more deals if we provided world-class resources to help you find, market, and close deals repeatedly. Our incredible system is one reason we’re happy to take on new real estate investors. You don’t need the experience because we’ll teach you everything you need to know. If you already have experience, you'll get access to our team of experts and have the ability to fund multiple deals at a time.

On the phone with The Investor's Edge

Up To 100% Funding

Of course, part of our all-in-one solution includes funding for the deals you bring us. As another way to allow more people to get started with us, we offer up to 100% funding to help you flip more properties. This means that for a deal that qualifies, you’ll pay $0 in closing costs.

About 37% of our deals qualify for 100% funding, and the deals that don’t qualify usually get pretty close. Our average cash-to-close across all fundings is $2,183—a far cry from other lenders requiring $30k+ to complete a deal. We don’t believe you should already be rich to flip your first deal.

Funding So You Can Flip More Deals

Fewer Barriers To Entry

In addition to lower cash-to-close options, we also don’t require a minimum credit score or prior experience to get funding with us.

Other companies won’t work with a brand new investor because it's too risky for them.

But for us, we've built our company to help you have a team of experts that are guiding you through each step of the process, which reduces our risk.

That's how we are able to work with so many first time real estate investors.

While we do deals with experienced investors all the time, we’ve also created the most beginner-friendly program in existence.

We have fewer barriers to entry

Industry-Best Risk Assessment

Every deal that comes to us goes through a rigorous evaluation process. First, one of our in-house experts will do a virtual evaluation of the property. They will look at the area, comparable sales, and of course the property itself, and then send you a recording of their findings.

If the numbers work out, then we hire an independent, local 3rd party expert to see the property in person and provide their own evaluation.

Armed with our borrower’s assessment, our own, and the local expert, we can make informed decisions about moving forward with your property.

With this level of attention to detail, you’ll be hard-pressed to find yourself caught in a bad deal.

Industry best risk assessments with The Investor's Edge

Your Own Project Manager and Funding Advisor

Every member gets two of our experts assigned to work with them. Your funding advisor will help you pick the right funding options as well as navigate the entire funding process along with you.

Your project manager will work with you throughout your rehab. They’ll work with your contractor directly and do weekly virtual walkthroughs with them to make sure everything is on time and on price. These have proven invaluable to our borrowers.

We want your deal to work out (almost) as much as you do. Bad deals lead to unhappy customers, poor reviews, and overall resentment. Doing right by you is the best marketing we could ever do.

Your Project Manager and Loan Advisor at The Investor's Edge

Meet Our Founder, Ryan G. Wright, CEO

Ryan is the heart and soul of the company, founded on the back of his real estate success. He’s been an active real estate investor for over two decades. He’s completed hundreds of deals himself and been involved in thousands more.

Years ago, when Ryan was first starting out, he saw firsthand the struggle to break into the industry. Not only is the learning curve, but finding lenders that will give money to a brand new investor is difficult.

One day, a successful investor named Dan took Ryan under his wing. He changed Ryan’s life forever, and set him and his family down the path to financial security.

That drives Ryan to this day. He wants to be that person for every new investor looking to get started. That’s why he’s designed The Investor's Edge to be friendly to new investors and instilled that vision throughout the company.

The Investor's Edge Accolades:

  • “A” BBB Rating
  • 900+ 5-star reviews on Google
  • 2x INC 5000 fastest growing companies
  • Named one of the Best Places to Work in Salt Lake City
  • Most of all…helping new investors every day close deals!