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Reviews and Success Stories

See What Our Members Are Saying:

We have members from all walks of life. Watch their reviews and experiences working with The Investor's Edge. It's inspiring to see the success stories of our members and it pushes us to keep innovating to improve as a company. We can't wait to see your success story featured here.

"I went from a part-time salary to well over a six-figure income. We brought zero dollars to the table on this deal...We're looking at a $55k to $60k profit."

- Lauren, Indianapolis

Ptolemy's Review:

Ptolemy has 20 years experience as a teacher, but wanted to start supplementing his teacher salary with some real estate deals. He researched a lot of hard money lenders, but chose The Investor's Edge for his first deal because we work with 1st time flippers and walk them through the process. He is expecting to make around $80,000 to $100,000 in profit on this flip. He wants to do more flips to upgrade his lifestyle for himself, his wife, and his kids. Watch his experience now.

Charles's Review:

Charles chose to work with us because we help beginners get their first flip done successfully. He was able to get $167,000 in funding to buy and fix-up this house. He is expecting to make around $70,000 on this flip. He wants to do more flips with us so he can free up more of his time to spend with his family. Watch his experience now.

Joe and Chelsea's Review:

Watch Joe and Chelsea's experience working with The Investor's Edge on flipping this 100 year old house. They found the strongest asset for this project was the team supporting them at The Investor's Edge. Watch their review now.

Marcus's Review:

Marcus is a Realtor that is just getting into real estate investing. He did a full rehab on this house. He chose to work with us because we help first time investors flip properties with little or no money down. Watch his review now.

Randy's Review:

Randy got into real estate investing at a young age with his uncle. Now that he does it on his own, he was looking for a partner to fund his next flip. That's where The Investor's Edge came into the picture. Watch his review now.

Carolyn's Review:

Carolyn is a Realtor who wanted to get into investing. With six kids, she needed a way that she could provide for her family, but still have time for her kids. Working with us, we were able to walk her through this successful rehab. Watch her review now.

Ed's Review:

Ed started out working for a lender fixing up foreclosures and decided he wanted to do it on his own to make more money. Ed doesn't have to work a regular job now as he makes enough each year doing fix and flips. He is able to take his family on a vacation after each flip they complete. Watch his review now.

Shane's Review:

Shane started his real estate investing journey before finding us. He initially needed funding to fix and flip more properties, but soon found that we offer way more than just funding. Watch his review now.

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