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Advanced Deal Analyzer

The Advanced Deal Analyzer Is The Most Advanced Calculator For Determining Investment Profit and Risk

Simply put, this proprietary real estate investing software is designed to determine whether you should pursue your deal or not.

You’ll plug in the purchase price and estimated repair costs, and our software will tell you exactly what costs to expect, how much cash-to-close you’ll need to bring, and how much profit you can expect to make on the deal.

You can also add the risk factors for the property (such as crime or proximity to a busy road), and the software will let you know instantly how much we’ll lend on the deal. 

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The Advanced Deal Analyzer

With the Advance Deal Analyzer, you get speed, transparency, and accuracy. Everything you need to move forward with confidence.

Know How Much To Offer: With the numbers laid out in black and white, you’ll know if that purchase price will get you the profit you need or if you need to head back to the negotiating table.
Industry-Leading Risk Assessment: We’re able to loan up to 100% of all your costs because we’re the best in the business at calculating risk. Fill out the risk factors tab and get the most accurate estimates possible.
Save Time And Money: You’re too busy to waste time chasing a bad deal. With this deal analysis calculator, you’ll know whether to pursue the deal or pull the plug before you’ve invested too much time or money.
No Math: Don’t rely on your own calculations or hope you have the formulas correct—especially with a decision this crucial. We’ve already done the work for you.
No Waiting: While the results aren’t a guarantee of what we’ll loan, you’ll have a great idea of the numbers you’re working with without calling or waiting for us to figure it out.
No Surprises: Don’t like hidden fees? We don’t either. That’s why as soon as you press “calculate” you’ll have a line-item breakdown of all the costs associated with your deal.

Our Goals Are Your Goals

Inside the Advanced Deal Analyzer software, you can specify the loan option that best fits your goals, such as lowest cash-to-close, lowest loan total cost, highest estimated profit, and longest loan term.

This allows us to estimate the costs and profit of your deal based on the different funding programs we offer and the option you select.

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Our Goals are Your Goals

Our Easy 1-Click Import Feature

If the numbers look good on your deal, then you can use the 1-click feature to automatically import all the numbers from your deal into a funding application. We’re setting you on the right track and then doing our best to make sure you get there fast.

Join us on our next webinar to see how all of this works.

Our Easy 1-Click Important Feature

Accurate Numbers Every Time

This software is the same one we use internally to calculate the profitability of your deal. Rest easy knowing we don’t have a complicated process that you’re not privy to.

Learn more about how all of this works on our next webinar.

Accurate Numbers Every Time

Real-Time Updates

We use a real-time database to keep points, interest, and tax rates as up-to-date as possible. It’s our goal to be the most accurate fix & flip calculator in existence.

Learn more about how all of this works on our next webinar.

Real-Time Updates

Third-Party Costs

When we say that we’ll show you all your costs, we mean it. You’ll be informed about the costs you’ll face even when they’re not owed to us, such as hiring an agent and the title fee.

Learn more about how all of this works on our next webinar.

Advanced Deal Analysis


The Advanced Deal Analyzer also works for wholesale deals. It will calculate if there’s enough profit to entice another investor and what your cut of the deal will be.

Learn more about how all this works on our next webinar.


Property Information That Matters

Fill out the section asking for property info and we’ll let you know if the property you’ve found will fit into our funding programs.

Join our next webinar to see how all of this works.

Property Information That Matters

The Advanced Deal Analyzer is Comprehensive, Quick, Transparent, and Accurate

Our members get instant feedback on the viability of your deal and move forward with confidence. You can learn how it all works by registering for our 17-minute on-demand webinar.
The Advanced Deal Analyzer provides estimates only and is primarily based on information provided by the borrower. This is NOT a loan offer or a guarantee in any way that a loan can or will be provided. It is for estimation purposes only. The user of this information agrees to defend and hold The Investor's Edge harmless for the use of this information and agrees to take full responsibility for all results of the use of the information, including but not limited to, the loss of earnest money or any other financial means. In addition, many of the fees calculated in the Advanced Deal Analyzer are not fees that The Investor's Edge charges or profits from in any way. In this situation we have used best estimates to determine calculations but in no way do we guarantee or accept responsibility for the reliability or accuracy of this information.