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ARV Calculator & Property Value Analysis

How Property Value Analysis Helps You Profit

  1. Correctly assess the value of your deal
  2. Pull and track the right comps
  3. Adjust not-quite-accurate comps to match your property
  4. Identify profitable deals quickly
  5. Move on from bad deals before it’s too late
How Property Value Analysis Helps You Profit

We're In This Together

We realized a long time ago that the more successful our investors are, the more deals they bring us.

Sounds obvious, but many hard money lenders operate like they’d rather foreclose and take back the property.

We truly want you to change your life and your family’s security.

We ring bells in the office when new deals close.

We put success stories on our walls.

We give you access to incredible tools like the Property Value Analysis because it helps everyone win.

We are In This Together

Increased Transparency

You should know what’s happening with your loan at all times.

It’s important you know whether you’re approved or not, and how we arrived at the value we’re willing to loan you.

You can use the Property Value Analysis yourself, and then if it looks good, bring us the deal for our evaluation.

But—spoiler alert—our team uses the same Property Value Analysis tool you get to use!

One of our in-house valuation experts will record a video showing you the comps & values they pull.

You’ll see how they assess the area, and then give you the final value on what they believe your property’s After Repair Value will be.

It’s your property.

You should know what’s going on.

Increased Transparency

Know Your Numbers First

A critical skill with real estate investing is the ability to evaluate and move through deals with speed and accuracy.

Every minute you spend on a bad deal is time that you could’ve spent working on a deal that could change your life.

Often investors get too far down the rabbit hole with a deal so they keep pushing forward with it.

Not with us—with tools like the Property Value Analysis, you can do your own in-depth research before you have us do it.

You’ll save time and keep you out of bad deals…and that means more profit in the long run.

Know Your Numbers

Property Value Analysis Comes Standard

Because this handy software is a critical part of how we assess loans, the PVA (Property Value Analysis) comes standard in our System.

Property Value Analysis