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Market To Motivated Sellers

Utilize Our Tools To Find and Market To Motivated Sellers

In the house-flipping business, the competition for properties on the market can be high. 

You can use our system to find and market to potential sellers whose houses aren’t on the market through The Investor’s Edge software. Then, you can find funding to suit your needs and begin the house-flipping process. 

Marketing has never been easier with tools that allow you to find likely sellers, notify you when new opportunities arise, and market to potential sellers using easy-to-make postcard templates. You can even take these marketing tools on the go for added convenience.

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Market to Motivated Sellers

Right Message, Right Person, Right Time

You’ve put together a list of potential sellers, but what do you do now?

With our software and training videos, you’ll be able to reach out with a compelling message that’s proven to work.

All that’s left is to sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

Find out how all of this works on our next webinar.

Right Message

Automated Real Estate Marketing Done For You

The Investor’s Edge software is the premier deal-finding tool in the world.

Equally as powerful is its ability to market to those potential property sellers.

After you’ve pulled your list of properties, you can find the owners motivated to sell with a few more clicks.

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Automated Real Estate Marketing Done For You

Real Estate Marketing In An Easy 3-Step Process:

Our members get access to millions of off-market property records. You can use The Investor's Edge Software to find off-market listings when owners want to sell, but don’t list their houses on multiple listing services (MLS).

You can also find properties that owners might be willing to sell, even though they’re not listed. If you’re wondering how to find property sellers, our skip tracing program is the best way.

The Investor's Edge Software makes skip tracing or locating sellers easy because all of your marketing work takes place in one app.

First, you can quickly identify great opportunities in hot market areas. 

The next step is to find their addresses with skip tracing right in the Investor’s Edge software.

The last step is to market directly to targeted homeowners. You can use the Investor’s Edge app to make postcards from provided templates — the software will mail them out, too.

Skip Tracing: One of the secret weapons employed by nearly all successful real estate investors. This feature allows you to pull contact information for most properties in the United States.
Postcards: Use one of our proven templates or design your own from inside the Investor’s Edge interface. When you’re ready, just click and our service will mail out those postcards to your list of sellers.
Sit Back and Wait: Get ready because as soon as those postcards get delivered, you will start getting calls. These will be the targeted, profitable leads you’re looking for.

Market On The Go

Our best way of finding sellers is through our Driving for Dollars app. Then, we use Investor’s Edge software to send them postcards.

We’ve built an app for you to handle all this from your phone. You need to be able to take quick action even on the go.

Find out how all of this works on our next webinar.

Market On the Go

Templates, Checklists, and Scripts

We designed our system to give you everything you’ll need to flip homes, including downloadable resources.

Whether you need a phone script, a checklist for determining seller motivation, or examples of effective postcards, we’ve got it all and more.

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Templates Checklists and Scripts

Find the Best Deals and Market to Motivated Sellers

Marketing is an essential part of the house flipping process.

It involves finding the most likely sellers and creating marketing materials that will encourage them to sell to you.

Whether you’re an experienced house flipper or just starting to learn how to find motivated sellers, our membership fulfills all your marketing needs. 

You can find tools to locate the best sellers, templates for postcards, and many other downloadable resources to make marketing easier.

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