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Ryan G. WrightFeb 16, 2018 3:04:33 AM4 min read

The Best House Flipping Software You’ll EVER Use

House Flipping Software That Will Make THE Difference

The Best House Flipping Software You’ll EVER Use

Have you always wanted to make extra cash fixing and flipping houses, but were worried about the risk involved?

As with any investment, risk is an ever-present player. So many new investors want to change their financial futures and get into fixing and flipping homes, but one HUGE worry holds them back: what if the deal is no good? How does one know the difference between a good and a bad deal? Is it possible to know the difference ahead of time, before you invest in the deal? The right house flipping software and REI tools mitigate the risk.

The Investor's Edge understands the fear and hesitation most face before investing in fix-and-flips. To replace that fear and hesitation with confidence and excitement, we developed some special investment tools. Do Hard Money created the best real estate investment software for finding properties and a house flipping calculator designed to get right to the heart of a deal. We call them the Investor’s Edge Software and the Advanced Deal Analyzer.


What Does The Investor’s Edge software Do?

To be frank, it does A LOT! You’ll be able to use this system to narrow down the list of properties you want to target, and keep that list updated as new deals of the same kind become available. Yes, really.

  • Search by zip code, draw a line around a particular neighborhood and look only at properties in that area. ( You can look at larger areas too.)
  • Sort the results by different categories – auction, cash buyers, involuntary liens, pre-foreclosures and more.
  • Save productive searches so that when new properties meeting your set criteria are added you are notified.

What Kind of Information is Available?

  • Estimated value and value over time
  • Occupancy and out of state ownership
  • Property type
  • Estimated equity and mortgage balance
  • Liens, tax info and even comparable properties

Did you find some properties that look like they have some potential? Great. The Investor’s Edge software will give you advanced individual property data.

What Else Will It Do For Me?

How about help with your marketing efforts and estimating your rehab costs? Yes, it does that!

  • Actively market to your targeted list of potential deal.  Don’t waste your time and money marketing to the wrong people. Voicemails, emails, text messages, postcards – all from your computer.
  • Best in the business Rehab estimator helps evaluate potential costs for any renovation you’ll need to do. It looks at material costs, as well as DIY vs. Contractor costs.

Want To See Investor’s Edge in Action?

Register for our next webinar to see how it all works.

What Is the Advanced Deal Analyzer?

The Advanced Deal Analyzer is house flipping software which the experts use. It is the ultimate tool for every successful real estate investor. The Advanced Deal Analyzer sports software which takes details from your deal (such as the property address, purchase price, earnest money, etc) and automatically calculates the overall net profit you can receive from your deal. That way, you can determine early on whether or not a deal is worth the investment.

What Does the Advanced Deal Analyzer Do?

This house flipping software provides a giant list of information on your deal even YOU didn’t know before! Not only does this calculator give an estimated overall profit for your deal, it also provides the following:

  • Risk Analysis – You will learn the different risk factors involved with that specific deal. You will also learn whether or not these risks can kill the profits of the deal outright. For example, if the deal is less than 900 square feet and has irreparable fire damage and mold, the ADA would mark it in RED. Red = Dead Deal. However, if other less-serious factors weigh in, such as a location close to a major street or mild vandalism present, the ADA would mark the deal in YELLOW. Yellow deals can still prove profitable with other factors making up for the risk involved.
  • Loan Costs – The ADA will also determine the loan costs, interest and points involved in your deal. This way, all fees are 100% transparent and you will know exactly what you’re going into with your investment. No surprises, nothing hidden.
  • Wholesale Option – If you’re not ready just yet to do a full fix-and-flip, the ADA will also give you the details on your net profit should you choose the wholesale the property instead.
  • Profit Calculations = Expert Negotiations – You can also use this house flipping software to determine whether or not you’re paying too much for a property. In determining the risks and the overall profit, you can bring your ADA calculations to the seller with factual evidence that they may be asking for far more than the property is worth.

How Can I Benefit from the Advanced Deal Analyzer?

This calculator is SO simple and easy to use! In addition to its fast results and user-friendly house flipping software, the ADA provides the following:

  • Peace of Mind
  • In-Depth Knowledge of Every Deal
  • All the Facts Beforehand
  • Confidence in a Good Deal BEFORE You Even Invest a Penny
  • 100% Transparency on Loan Costs
  • Estimated Net Profit RIGHT AWAY

In addition to these phenomenal advantages, the ADA can calculate at the click of a mouse if your deal qualifies for 100% financing. You may not owe ANY cash-to-close on your deal, but the only way to find out is to put it through our thorough house flipping calculator.

Register for our next webinar to see how it all works.