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Ryan G. WrightJan 17, 2018 9:05:08 PM3 min read

Fixing-And-Flipping Boasts Another… Best-Selling Novel??

Fixing-And-Flipping Boasts Another…Best-Selling Novel??

As a business venture, you know you’ve made it big when you have multiple hit TV shows and the creators of South Park parody you in their latest episode. We at The Investor's Edge thought the next step in fix-and-flip fame would be Weird Al Yankovic writing a song about real estate investments. However, renovation popularity went in a completely different direction; one which we never would have expected.

Fix-and-flips have officially hit the best-seller shelves at Barnes and Noble!

New York Times bestselling author Kate Carlisle turned the popular real estate investment phenomenon into a setting for murder. A California native, Kate worked in television production for many years before finally turning to writing. With the publication of A High-End Finish in 2014, Kate started working on an entire series of books set in a fix-and-flip environment. These books are popularly known as The Fixer-Upper Mysteries. 

That’s right. You can now enjoy a spine-chilling mystery and learn more about fix-and-flips, all at the same time. This five-book series thrills fans of real estate investment and suspense alike with such popular titles as:

  • A High-End Finish
  • This Old Homicide
  • Crowned and Moldering
  • Deck the Hallways
  • Eaves of Destruction

This series focuses on a handy-woman in Lighthouse Cove, CA named Shannon Hammer. She owns her own construction company and is an expert in Victorian home restoration and renovation. As she excels in her work, she not only discovers profit, but murder victims stashed in every nook and cranny.

These mystery books based on fix-and-flips became so popular that the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel expressed interest in turning Kate’s best-selling books into TV movies. According to the author, “My agent contacted me to tell me that Hallmark Movies & Mysteries was interested in bringing the Fixer-Upper Mysteries to the small screen, as a vehicle for singer-songwriter-actress Jewel. I couldn’t be more excited!”

Jewel and Colin Ferguson signed to the project and it aired under the title: Framed for Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery. Kate also joined the writing staff to help write the script for the TV movie.

Fixing and flipping is truly taking the world by storm! And with good reason… the real estate market has never seen higher returns than right now. With television shows, movies, and best-selling books applauding this profitable investment strategy, how can anyone turn away from this incredible opportunity?

The Investor's Edge helps hundreds of people take advantage of this profitable opportunity every day. Even if you’ve never done a fix-and-flip deal in your life, we can help you open the door to financial freedom. We specialize in leading the real estate investment novice through the fix-and-flip process, from start to finish.

The Investor's Edge is far more than just a lender. In addition to offering funding and unparalleled customer service, we also provide a wealth of REI tools and resources. These resources help you become an expert in every field of fixing and flipping and help groom your business for growth and success. Our tools, available exclusively to our clients, will help you:

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