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Ryan G. WrightJun 15, 2016 5:40:16 PM4 min read

Hard Money Hunger Games

Hard Money Lender Comparison

We know you have a wide variety to choose from when it comes to hard money loans and we want you to choose the one best suited to your needs… US!

But why should you take our humble word for it? To give you a good idea of what’s out there in the land of hard money lenders, we sized up the competition to show you that DoHardMoney is the BEST choice for hard money loans, every time!

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you… the top competitors in the Hard Money Hunger Games!


Not only do our rates hold their own, we blow the competition away with our loan terms, credit score requirements, interest and all costs and fees! But let’s break it all down by subject to see how we really compare:

*TERM: A longer term will sink the deal, because all the profit will be eaten up by carry costs, including hard money interest, insurance, taxes, utilities, HOA fees, etc. Rehabbers need to get in and out of the project quickly to maximize profit. In addition, some HML’s make their money by turning the loans over quickly and because of points charged.

*RATE/POINTS: This goes along with the term length of the loan. The companies which are confident in the ARV of the home are the ones to go with: they’ll get you in and out quickly so that interest and points don’t eat away at your profits.

*MINIMUM CREDIT SCORE: We loan money based on the ARV of the property, not based on the individual. This is why we don’t have a minimum credit score requirement. Our business is invested in beginning anew: rehabbing old houses into beautiful new houses and providing individuals with debt or a poor credit history the chance to begin anew with a potentially large return on your investment to get out of debt and bump that credit up.

*ARV vs LTV: ARV is the after repair value of the property, whereas the LTV is the current value of the property. Depending on the lender, if they lend 90% of the LTV vs the ARV, then a down payment of 10% or more is typically required.

*REPAIR MONEY: We believe this SHOULD be covered in the loan; that’s what the loan is for! Most of our competitors will only cover 80% of the purchase price, lessening the overall profit of your investment. DoHardMoney, however, includes repair money in the loan so that you can maximize the ROI on your flip. Our goal is to make sure that you get the best return, so we won’t have you wasting your resources on extra repair costs.

*INTEREST/DOWN PAYMENTS: As you can see, our motto is “we’ve got you covered.” We believe your loan should cover your costs, including interest, closing costs and title fees. You’re looking to make a profit here, and you can’t do so with all sorts of hidden fees sneaked into the deal. Many of our competitors are sneaking in a percentage cost to cover their “services.” They’re also requiring a specific down payment for their loan. We want to give everyone the opportunity to make a large profit, which is why we don’t require a minimum credit score, nor a specific down payment amount.

*CASH TO CLOSE: This would be a requirement in order to close the real estate deal. With our 100% Financing, you can bring $0.00 to close. Otherwise, you can use the difference between the loan amount and the total cost as the cash to close. Most other lenders include down payments, closing costs, title fees and other fees as a cash to close, but not us!

*CLOSING COSTS: : Highway robbery alert! You’re getting the loan in order to cover your costs, so… they should cover your costs! And we mean all of your costs. Closing costs can eat away at your profits to the tune of hundreds to thousands of dollars.

*TITLE FEES: This is the twin sibling to closing costs, again, highway robbery. With DoHardMoney, your title fees are covered in your loan, whereas other companies will charge you extra for little items like loan origination fees, processing fees, document fees and attorney fees.

*LOAN %: Naturally, this one’s a biggie because it will determine how much money you’ll get to cover the purchase and rehab of the home. Most hard money lenders will loan 65 – 75% of the ARV. DoHardMoney covers up to 70% of the loan, like many of our competitors. However, you’ll see there are others who fall short, only covering up to 65% of the ARV.

*CLOSING TIME FRAME: This is also important depending on how quickly you need the funding. Though many companies may boast a 5-7 day closing time, it’s very important to take into account the fact that many lenders can also back out at the last minute, leaving you with a very BIG financial problem! With DoHardMoney, we work as quickly as possible to get your funding to you so that you can get to work rehabbing your property and receive your high investment return asap. The Investor's Edge is not only fast and thorough, it’s reliable. We’ve been able to help many people get their projects funded when other lenders fell through at the last minute. See how it all works by attending our next webinar.