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Ryan G. WrightJun 28, 2019 8:00:33 PM1 min read

How To Flip For Under $5000 Of Your Own Money

How To Flip A House For Less Than $5000!

You probably have a lot of questions when it comes to being a house flipper. Some of them may have to do with how much time it takes. Do you need to be a real estate agent? What if you  have never even held a hammer in your hand? But there are probably a lot that relate to the money end of things. How do you flip a house with no money or bad credit? How long is the term of a loan? What about  monthly payments? Do I get all of the money at once?

Let us answer those questions and more with our Fin-Fund-Flip System. You can get more information about the whole system by clicking on the button below.

It does not contain all of the answers to the questions raised above, but it is a quick way to get your brain working on one group of them, the funding. As a hard money lender we see so many new investors that get stuck because they assume one loan will cover everything. They don’t think through the possibilities of combining financing methods and sources. 

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