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Ryan G. WrightMar 20, 2020 10:07:19 PM1 min read

How to Flip Your First (Or Next) Property During an Economic Crisis

How to Flip Your First (Or Next) Property During an Economic Crisis

We live in an uncertain world right now.

You have 2 ways to respond as a real estate investor.

#1. Stay Put

Wait it out. Hope things improve. Hoard money. Play out doomsday scenarios. Pray job security holds.

#2. Attack

Decide. Do. Act. Make today your day. Financial security starts now. Control what you can control and don’t dwell on the rest. Be optimistic. Look for silver linings & opportunities.

What will you do? One of these choices puts you in the driver’s seat. Lets you control your own future. In a time where people are scared to make a move in any direction, you have all the advantage.

Others will let the fear mongering get to them. They’ll picture the empty shelves at Walmart. Scroll through social media. Refresh CNN constantly. Position themselves to lose.

Why Real Estate?

Now, I can’t promise real estate is a surefire investment guaranteed to make you rich during a crisis… but I CAN give you some insight into why I think now is the best time to jump in.

During the 2008 recession I did better than almost everyone else out there.

I didn’t choose then to “sit it out” or “hope things work out.” I jumped in and made things happen, and that’s what I’m doing during this current downturn.

I urge you NOT to use this as another excuse to delay getting started. As things grow more uncertain, now is the MOST IMPORTANT time to create a future as independent of a boss and market forces as possible.

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