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Investment Property Calculator
Ryan G. WrightAug 2, 2011 10:50:49 AM1 min read

Investment Property Calculator

Investment Property Calculator

Hard Money Calculator

When it comes down to making offers to properties as a real estate investor, one thing you can do to save a lot of time is to get yourself an investment property calculator. Using a hard money calculator allows you to plan properly.

An investment property calculator is going to help you determine the right offer that you can make on the particular property.  We have software that will help you determine if your real estate investment will be profitable. It’s going to take a lot of factors into consideration. Here are a few things the investment property calculator takes into consideration:

1. Resale value of the property – The calculator is not going to tell you this. You are going to have to figure on your own and put it in there.

2. Repair Costs – You have to tell the computer the repair costs.

3. Hard Money Costs – Costs involved while acquiring the loan and the interest involved.

4. Market Depreciation Rate – The rate at which the market is depreciating.

5. Real Estate Agent Fees – The fees you have to pay the real estate agent to find the property/buyer.

6. Titles fees – Costs to resell the property

7. Miscellaneous fees – Electric fees, garbage fees during the time you own the property.

If you tune in these numbers, it will work with the formula that’s built in to it and will give you the best value for you to purchase the property for.

Remember, if you put the bad value into the computer, you will get a bad result (Garbage in, Garbage Out). You can use an investment property calculator if you have the accurate value for those things. It will do the ground work for you and will tell you the offer you can make on the property.

An investment property calculator is really useful and can help you as a real estate investor as it works. It’s something that you have to get even if you are a newbie or an advanced real estate investor.