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Ryan G. WrightJun 6, 2013 4:57:17 AM1 min read

Let’s Talk about Proof BABY!!!

Let’s Talk about Proof BABY!!!

Lets face it, when a seller is trying to decide if he’s going to accept your offer and work with you, he wants to know if you can back up the offer.  Time is money and the seller doesn’t want to waste his time on offer that can’t be backed up with proof that the money is available.

With that in mind, I introduce to you – the proof you are going to give to your sellers, banks, or anyone who wants to know if you have MONEY!!! As a member of The Investor's Edge, you have access to a Proof of Funds letter. If a seller, bank, etc. calls us to confirm that we do indeed have the funds for you as the borrower, we can easily pull up your name and confirm the information. It is as simple as that. You can utilize this tool for as many properties that you have. This is unique to The Investor's Edge, so embrace it.

You see, we don’t make money, unless we can lend money. So, there is no concern that you won’t be approved for a loan; as long as you follow our criteria and if needed provide additional funds, then we can provide the loan. It is up to you whether you want to accept the loan or not.

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