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Ryan G. WrightMar 2, 2017 5:55:59 PM4 min read

20 Cost-Effective Tricks to Improve Your Rehab

We’re going to let you in on a secret when it comes to rehabbing your property: you don’t have to break the bank. Adam H. of Wonder Lake, IL only spent a little over $20,000 on his rehab and ended up earning an overall estimated profit of $163,895. Though you will need to spend a good amount to properly renovate the kitchen, bathroom and living areas, there are a few simple tricks you can include with your rehab which are cost-effective and will make your home stand out to potential buyers. These tips can be applied to your kitchen, bathroom and living space areas to provide unique conveniences that buyers will particularly appreciate.

20 Cost-Effective Tricks to Improve Your Rehab:


20. Transform a counter into convenient storage compartments

One way to quickly kill the beauty of the modern kitchen is to clutter up surfaces with bags of bread, vegetables and other condiments. These handy, built-in storage compartments will give you space to store your food staples, plus give your kitchen a beautiful, rustic feel.

19.  Kitchen drawers can double as hideaway cutting boards

What a brilliant addition to any kitchen! Kitchen drawers can easily be converted into a convenient cutting board with a trash receptacle placed in the drawer underneath to catch any refuse.

18. Install outlets underneath cabinets

This will keep the counters free and clear of the tangled wires of electric cords, plus it won’t interrupt the flow of a kitchen back splash. You can also add recessed lighting as another convenient and aesthetically beautiful feature.

17. Add a small side cabinet for cleaning supply storage

You can eliminate the inconvenience of having to stoop below the kitchen sink and dig through the dark chasm for a sponge. This side cabinet doesn’t take up a lot of space and keeps all of your cleaning supplies in one easy-to-access place.

16. Install slide-out drawers for spices and common pantry items

These slide-away spice racks both conserve space and serve as convenient kitchen accents for any home chef.

15. Install sliding doors to hide appliances and other kitchen items

Here’s another handy upgrade to hide away appliances and free up counter space to give your kitchen a more clean look.

14. Use drawer fronts to your advantage

False drawers don’t have to be just for decoration. You can place outlets behind them for convenience, or even a paper towel roll.

13. Add a garage-to-pantry grocery door

If the property’s garage happens to rest adjacent to the kitchen, you can add a small door to make unloading groceries infinitely easier.

12. Install stools on hinges for kitchen islands

A kitchen island is a gorgeous addition, but it can be a blessing and a curse. For those who are tired of having no place to sit around the island, you can add convenient fold-out stools which can easily be hidden when not in use.

11. Add outlets to drawers

This easy addition will keep the clutter off of the table tops and allow devices to charge out of sight.

10. Add a slide-away step to the bathroom vanity

This feature will be particularly attractive for buyers with small children.

9. Add a bathroom half table

This will double as an extra storage space and a cute accent for your bathroom.

8. Install drawers between wall studs

This will effectively give you a great deal of bathroom storage using practically no space whatsoever.

7. Install recessed outlets

This way, you’ll be able to put furniture against the wall without damaging any cords. This is also a convenient portal to utilize multiple inputs at once.

6. Add a sun tunnel

Is a room looking a little dark? You can add a sun tunnel to filter in natural sunlight.

5. Add a built-in shelf to a long hallway

This will give your hallway a more modern feel while giving you more opportunity for storage or accent space.

4. Install dutch doors

This is another excellent feature for buyers with children or pets. This way, buyers can watch their kids or pets without having to deal with baby gates.

3. Add a window seat

Installing a window seat to a staircase landing is a very attractive feature to provide a relaxing spot to enjoy the view or a serene place to enjoy a book.

2. Add a mud room to an entry way

This can also double as a pet bath. This mud room is a particularly attractive feature for the outdoors family as well.

1. Upgrade the foundation

If there are places where an ugly cement foundation shows, you can hide it with a beautiful brick accent, giving the home a major outer  for very little money.

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