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Ryan G. WrightAug 17, 2016 10:05:26 PM5 min read

The ADA: A Secret to Profitable Deals Every Time

Let’s face it: real estate investing can be an intimidating venture. However, our mission is to make investing as easy as possible. This is why we came up with an incredible feature which lets you see which deals are profitable, all at the click of a mouse! If you’re anything like me, you like to see how something works before you buy it, perhaps even from the snug comfort of your own couch. Well, you’re in luck! Grab your couch and have a seat. I’m about to give you a sneak peek into the secrets of the ADA (Advanced Deal Analyzer).


What Is the ADA?

The ADA is an Advanced Deal Analysis software tool which lets you plug in information about a property, such as the purchase price and repair costs, and automatically calculates whether or not a deal is profitable, how much profit you can make and how much money you can qualify for on a deal! It’s easy to use and an efficient tool to help you save HOURS of time wading through potential deals, wondering if they’ll yield a profit or not.

What Does the ADA Do?

  • The ADA actually gives you DOUBLE the comfy couch time, because it also lets you look up the potential ROI (return on investment) of a property before you go anywhere or do anything!
  • It gives you ALL of the essential numbers and calculations you’ll need to determine whether or not the property is a lucrative investment – and adds them all up for you!
  • It gives you a realistic look at the property (no unicorns here, buddy!) so that you can find the very best flip that will make you the most money overall.

How Does the ADA Work?

This fast, easy-to-use software can analyze your deal with just a few numbers from you and a few seconds of your time… which isn’t a bad investment, considering that time will be spent on a fluffy couch. The ADA will calculate the profit potential for your deal automatically. To get started, all you have to do is type in some information into a few fields:

  • The state where your investment deal is located (PROPERTY LOCATION)
  • Your credit score (BORROWER CREDIT SCORE)
  • The estimated repair costs for your rehab (REPAIR/REHAB COSTS)
  • The ARV (After-Repairs Value… basically how much you want to resell the house for: 90-DAY PROBABLE SELLING PRICE AFTER-REPAIRS)
  • The amount (if any) of earnest money you can put down on the property (EARNEST MONEY)

…and click ‘CALCULATE’!

With the click of a button, you’ll immediately get information on how much you’re estimated to receive on the property (all third-party costs included!). And that’s not all…

What Else Can the ADA Give Me?

  • Total net profit on your deal – This is the estimated profit you’ll be pocketing AFTER all purchase costs, selling costs, points, interest, title, insurance…whew…and every other hidden 3rd party cost that no one ever tells you about.
  • Net cash ROI% – This is the percentage of profit you will see on your investment.
  • Total funding needed for the deal – This will tell you exactly how much cash you’ll need to close on the deal, down to the penny, all costs included. Some deals are so good that they can qualify for 100% financing, meaning you could put down as little as $0.00 cash to close!
  • Information on both a retail profit analysis AND a wholesale profit analysis – Are you interested in seeing how much you could make on a wholesale deal? We can provide ALL of the deal info for a wholesale option as well, so that you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll be making.
  • A personal qualification assessment – What? You say you’ve found a property and need our help funding? That’s great! We have a personal qualification assessment that will let you answer questions to see if you can qualify to receive funding. This assessment includes questions pertaining to active bankruptcies, current foreclosures, collections greater than $1,000, criminal history, etc.
  • A thorough risk assessment analysis – There are many factors which can add to or diminish the value of a property, such as location, structural flaws, mold or fire damage, etc. This analysis takes into account risk factors that could potentially kill the deal, layered risk factors that could add to the risk but not necessarily kill the deal and any compensating factors that could lower the overall risk factor. Once these items are compiled in the analysis, the software automatically updates the deal to let you know whether or not the deal is worth pursuing. The PROPERTY RISK SCORE shows up at the bottom to let you know just how risky investing in the property could be.

I Just Finished Exploring the ADA…What Now?

Suppose you enter in all of the information for your deal and everything looks good to go. Well, I’ve got GREAT NEWS! You can then click on the SUBMIT A LOAN APPLICATION WITH THIS DEAL button at the top and it will automatically move you forward! Yay!

Unlike many other lenders, we are 100% invested in your success. We want you to pursue only the good deals which will make you money. We give you ALL of the information up-front, so that you can be 100% educated in your investments.

This Sounds Amazing! But I Had My Earbuds in for Some of It, Can You Give Me a Recap?


Here’s what the ADA will determine for you:

  • Whether or not a deal is profitable
  • Whether or not you can qualify for a loan
  • How much funding you can receive from us
  • An estimation of what your profit can be on a deal
  • How much cash-to-close you’re going to need (if any!)
  • What your risk is on the deal
  • AND how much money you can realistically offer on the property and still make money, so that you can negotiate with the realtors and sellers like a pro

You can have all of this at the click of a button. See how all of this works by registering for our next webinar.