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Ryan G. WrightAug 30, 2019 7:40:18 PM2 min read

Selling Your Rehab Investment Property

Tips For Selling Your Rehab

Stage The Home

You may be wary of this tip, thinking that it is a waste of time. But unless you were one of the lucky fix and flip investors that is able to line up a buyer before the rehab is even complete then it is most likely a valuable strategy to implement.

The purpose of staging is to help any prospective buyers see it as a home. If you can get people to imagine themselves living in the house you have a much better chance of getting offers and selling quickly.

Get Quality Photos

Like staging, great photos will help people see the property as a home for their family. Professional photos are ones that will work well for print and online. Good lighting will show the rooms and outside to best advantage.  Get a walk through video if at all possible. You will want images that show quality renovation work and materials. 

Make The Most of Online Opportunities

Like every other aspect of our lives, buying and selling a home has moved at least part of the process to the internet. You will want to look at every online listing site and make certain that the images are clear, and all the spelling and grammar are correct. If it is a listing that you can control or alter make any changes you can to make the listing more appealing. Share your listing anywhere you can online.

Work With An Agent

Trying to sell your property without the help of a great real estate agent might seem appealing to first time investors, as a way to make more money. Don’t let the agent’s commission keep you from using one of the best recources available to you, but make sure both of you are clear on how much that will be. Having a trusted real estate agent as part of your team will be worth the cost as you build your investing business.

Show The House Often

Don’t turn down any opportunity to show the home to prosective buyers. Open houses are a useful event. This is where your real estate agent will become a valuable team member. They can show the property when you are  not available. They will use their network of real estate professionals to promote your house. The more often the house is shown the better your chances of a quick sale.

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