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Hard Money Loans in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Housing Market:

The Investor's Edge has been one of the most well-known hard money lenders since 2005.

We’re the ideal choice for funding for your next project, and we’ll go above and beyond to meet your demands while also delivering funds promptly.

We think you should have a chance to become financially independent.

Our goal is to help you accomplish this objective.

The Massachusetts Housing Market

Options For Real Estate Investing in Massachusetts:

Option #1 - Flip Residential Houses: When you join the Find-Fund-Flip System, you’ll be able to access all of our deal-finding software and marketing materials.

With such a comprehensive program in place, flipping houses is now even easier. 

Option #2 - Flip Vacant Land:  Flipping land does not have the same constraints and roadblocks that a traditional fix & flip does. As a result, we can assist you with financing land flips in Massachusetts.

Options For Real Estate Investing in Massachusetts

Why Choose The Investor's Edge?

At The Investor's Edge, we want to invest in our clients.

When you bring us a good deal, we’re ready to fund it.

Even if this is your first time flipping homes, we’ll take a chance with you — no upfront costs or credit score requirements.

Many of our clients have been rejected by other lenders or have little to no money to put into a down payment, but we help them get their property and the information they need to make the flip of their dreams.

We do more than your average lender.

Along with helping you secure funding, we’ll give you access to our Find-Fund-Flip System.

This online software provides training in the basics of property flipping and incorporates our Investor’s Edge deal finding platform, which hosts millions of prime flipping properties around the country.

Every client we bring on also gets an assigned loan advisor and project manager to help them flip faster and make a better profit.

Why Choose The Investor's Edge?

Choose The Investor's Edge

Investors choose us because they see that we want to help you, no matter your situation, succeed at real estate investing. Many come because they are excited about our 100% financing program, but then stay for multiple deals because of our commitment to them.

Between our deal-finding software, low-barrier funding, and dedicated team members, you won’t find another lender who makes it easier to find and close profitable deals, period.

Get Prequalified For 100% Financing Now

Fill out the application for a free pre-qualification consultation. We will discuss your financial goals, see if our 100% financing is a good fit to help your reach your goals, and then answer your questions.