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Hard Money Loans in Vermont

The Vermont Housing Market:

Unfortunately, we don’t fund fix & flip projects in Vermont due to extensive regulations and red tape. However, we still have options to help you be successful in real estate investing!

In our quest to serve everyone, we’ve developed a few other options to help anyone in the US get started.

The Vermont Housing Market

Option #1 - Flip Deals Remotely

The beauty of present-day technology is that it’s only a minor inconvenience to flip properties from another state!

Our Find-Fund-Flip System provides more than just funding—you get all the training, software, and support you need to flip a home.

Using our software, you can find deals anywhere. All marketing and negotiations with sellers can easily be done remotely.

The actual rehab process used to be difficult to manage from afar, but the prevalence of video calls makes it pretty simple to see the progress on a property without being there!

In fact, all of our borrowers get an assigned project manager during the rehab process. They already work with your contractor remotely—so it makes no difference to them if you’re flipping one street over or a thousand miles away.

We’re seeing more and more deals completed remotely. We can help you do it, too.

Get Financing For Real Estate Investments in Vermont

Option #2 - Flip Land

Flipping land is a much simpler process than doing a full fix & flip. For that reason, we can fund your land flips throughout the country!

Land flips are becoming more and more popular. Without a property to rehab, the entire process becomes faster and simpler.

Our CEO has recently flipped land in multiple states across the US, seeing incredible returns.


Loan Programs For Fix and Flips

Unlike other hard money lenders that offer a select few loan programs, The Investor's Edge offers 30 and more.

We couple you with the best hard cash loan for your situation.

Do you need a low down payment?

Or is a low interest rate more pressing?

We can help.

Loan Programs For Fix and Flips

Real Estate Investing Training

If you’re new to the fix-and-flip industry, leverage our real estate investment training opportunities with the Find-Fund-Flip System.

We offer real estate investing software to help you find investment properties in Vermont, determine profit margin and other crucial aspects of property investing.

Real Estate Investing Training

Why Pick The Investor's Edge?

The Investor's Edge team aims to be more than a hard money lender.

Real estate is a complicated industry, and we provide educational resources and training for both beginners and professional flippers.

You’ll have access to our innovative Investor’s Edge platform, which hosts countless properties around the country for you to analyze.

Moreover, every borrower has an assigned project manager and loan advisor to comprehend your goals and help you stay on track to achieving them. 

Indeed, having the money to secure your property is an important part of the flipping formula, and we assist you there, too.

When we see a prosperous deal, we’re willing to lend up to 100% of it so you can reach your goals and execute a successful flip.

Many of our borrower bring less than $2,000 to the deal but leave with a chance to make a life-altering profit through their investment.

Why Pick The Investor's Edge?

Choose The Investor's Edge

Investors choose us because they see that we want to help you, no matter your situation, succeed at real estate investing. Many come because they are excited about our 100% financing program, but then stay for multiple deals because of our commitment to them.

Between our deal-finding software, low-barrier funding, and dedicated team members, you won’t find another lender who makes it easier to find and close profitable deals, period.

Get Prequalified For 100% Financing Now

Fill out the application for a free pre-qualification consultation. We will discuss your financial goals, see if our 100% financing is a good fit to help your reach your goals, and then answer your questions.