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Hard Money Loans in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Housing Market:

If you’re ready to put forward the effort, The Investor's Edge is prepared to set you on your way to financial independence. We offer experienced and first-time house flippers funding, training materials, and state of the art software to give anyone a shot at home improvement success and life-changing profits to fund their next venture.

The Wisconsin Housing Market

Pure 100% Financing

We will finance up to 100% of your purchase, rehab, and loan costs. If you’ve got a promising deal but it doesn’t quite qualify for 100% financing, we’ll work with you to determine another source of funds.

Flexible Loan Programs To Match Any Investor's Goals: Every investor has different needs, which is why we don’t limit you to a only a hand full of loan options. With more than 30 different loan programs, our account advisors will work with you to get a loan that suits your unique needs, circumstances, and goals.

Industry-Best Risk Mitigation: The project starts with our Advanced Deal Analysis software that will help you identify the viability of your deal. Your investment then endures a rigorous analysis to ensure it meets all requirements and is financially possible. If everything looks great, we can progress with funding your deal. You will then be given a loan advisor and project manager to help you the entire way through rehab and completing the resale.

Real 100% Financing

No Surprises On Loan Values

We produce a personalized video for each and every deal during the evaluation phase. You see exactly what we’re examining and how our decision-making process works in detail. If your loan gets rejected or you don’t get the full amount you’re looking for, you’ll have the full explanation.

Our borrowers’ average profit on a paid-off loan in 2021 was $47,884. We can do this for you as well.

No Surprises On Loan Values

Deals Wisconsin Hard Money Loans Are Used For

Hard money lending by The Investor's Edge offers you a number of property investment options, like:

Fix and Flip Loans: Fix and flip loans are the most common strategy we receive in Wisconsin. Use this loan to find debilitated, low-cost properties, rehab them, and resell them for a tidy profit.

The BRRRR Method: The BRRR Method allows you to buy, rehab, rent, and refinance — and repeat, if desired. Instead of making a one-time profit, you allow your rental to become a new stream of income, that can be used to fund your lifestyle or invest in other properties.

Wholesale Real Estate: Wholesale real estate is a similar process to fixing and flipping, but with much less work. Instead, you assign the contract to another investor and the investor pays you for finding the property for them. This mainly occurs when you can’t execute the deal yourself.

Deals Wisconsin Hard Money Loans Are Used For

Easier Entry For New Investors

The lending system is corrupt. With the majority of lenders you’ll need good credit and money in the bank to flip houses. That is why a lot people can’t get started.

We believe this is unfair. Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue financial freedom. While we lend to experienced investors, a decent portion of our clients come to us because we make flipping your first deal feasible.

Easier Entry For New Investors

What Makes The Investor's Edge Loans Special?

The Investor's Edge is more than your run of the mill lender. We partner with anyone that brings us a fruitful deal, even if they’ve been dismissed by other lenders in the past. We want to work with any individual intending to boost their financial situation through real estate.

We give every client access to our Find-Fund-Flip system, which holds all the training and education you need to expand your flipping knowledge and make the maximum profit every time. Our online platforms showcase never ending homes across the U.S. in flowering locations like Wisconsin and your designated loan advisor and project manager will ensure the job is done right.

No Minimum Credit Score
No Experience Required
Up To 100% Financing
Interest Rates Beginning at 12%
Origination As Low As 3.5%
Lend Up To 75% ARV (After Repair Value)
No Prepayment Penalties
No Payments For 5 Months

Why Choose The Investor's Edge

Whether you’re a new house flipper or an experienced professional, you know that hard money loans are only one part of what you need to be successful.

If you’re looking for hard money lenders in Houston, The Investor's Edge can help.

With The Investor's Edge, you get a range of benefits like:

  • Training, software, and funding: A simple, one-time payment gives you access to every resource you might need for house flipping. 
  • The Investor’s Edge Deal Finding Software: This  software allows you to identify properties in your market.
  • Dedicated loan advisor and project manager: You’ll get help from experienced professionals who can help you plan your real estate goals.
  • Education and support: You can use our available training resources to become a pro at real estate.
The Investor's Edge Will Help You Reach Your House Flipping Goals in Pennsylvania

Choose The Investor's Edge

Investors choose us because they see that we want to help you, no matter your situation, succeed at real estate investing. Many come because they are excited about our 100% financing program, but then stay for multiple deals because of our commitment to them.

Between our deal-finding software, low-barrier funding, and dedicated team members, you won’t find another lender who makes it easier to find and close profitable deals, period.

Get Prequalified For 100% Financing Now

Fill out the application for a free pre-qualification consultation. We will discuss your financial goals, see if our 100% financing is a good fit to help your reach your goals, and then answer your questions.