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Real Estate Investment Software

Real Estate Investment Software To Find And Market To Motivated Sellers

Are you tired of spending hours conducting market research, marketing properties, and identifying potential sellers?

With The Investor’s Edge proprietary software, our automated industry-leading flipping software, you can find the right deals in less than 15 minutes.

With complete deal-finding software, you will have endless data at your fingertips to make accurate investment decisions.

Quickly identify the hot areas for real estate investment, good neighborhoods to explore for potential investing opportunities, and more with only a few clicks.

Through The Investor’s Edge, you will have access to over 160 million property records, and you can easily filter results and find properties that match your specifications.

Our advanced search tool also allows searchers to refine their results to fit their preferred investment strategy.

With an impressive database of off-market properties, we can help you get in touch with motivated sellers for a fast and easy way to start investing in real estate.

Some additional services you can perform with Investor’s Edge include:

  • Filter results by qualifications such as vacancies, equity, or bankruptcies.
  • Save search parameters and receive notifications when new properties are available that meet your specifications.
  • Use our state-of-the-art rehab calculator to estimate project costs before placing an offer.
  • Quickly market to potential home sellers by ordering and shipping postcards with a few simple clicks

The Investor's Edge also offers a Next Property Roadmap, our weekly activity tracker, to help you stay focused while finding your first or next deal.

The Next Property Roadmap is a completely personalized system that creates weekly tasks based on your situation and preferences.

As you work toward your goal, your custom plan will adjust to your needs to ensure you are successful. 

Find Deals: Filter through 160 million properties for your perfect deals.

Save Preferences: Set filters for the types of properties you want to target. You'll see new potential deals as records update!

Send Postcards: Order postcards with addresses pre-filled and have them sent to your list of targeted properties.

The Advanced Deal Analyzer

"If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. It's not easy at all, but having the right resources and tools available to you makes it possible to get these things done."

- Latrelle from Illinois

Real Estate Investor Software Allows You To Instantly Sort and Save

Select from dozens of parameters and filter the potential deals you want to go target into a single list.

Then go ahead and save your search.

Each time you log in, you’ll be notified of new properties that fit the search parameters you’ve saved!

In other words, never wonder “are there deals in my area?” ever again.

Real Estate Investor Software Allows You To Instantly Sort and Save

Every Potential Deal At Your Fingertips

Enter your zip code and watch as properties are sorted into categories such as:

  • MLS
  • Pre-Foreclosures
  • Auctions
  • Foreclosures
  • Cash Buyers
  • Liens
  • Vacancies
  • High Equity

All within your area!

Select one of those buckets and refine your search to match your investment strategy.

Want to find vacant homes with out of state owners?

No problem!


Advanced Individual Property Data

Click on any property in your search to see the estimated value, occupancy, property type, estimated value over time, estimated rent, estimated equity, mortgage balance, liens, tax info, and even comparable properties.

Know before you spend time & money that you’re targeting properties primed to fix & flip for massive profit.

Advanced Individual Property Data

Your new secret weapon to finding and marketing to motivated sellers without breaking a sweat.

Discover how to create deals over and over with practically no competition. Watch the explainer video below:

Find More Fix & Flip Deals With The Investor's Edge Software

Whether this is your first time investing in real estate or one deal of many, you know how quickly the market can move.

With The Investor’s Edge, you can access and sort up to 160 million properties to beat out the competition without needing to leave your computer. 

Our industry-leading real estate investing software is a standard part of our Find-Fund-Flip System.

This all-in-one resource allows investors to become experts at finding and evaluating off-market properties with tools, training, and software.

Enter the investing game with a secret weapon when you partner with The Investor's Edge.

By utilizing the wealth of data our Investor’s Edge software supplies, you can create deals out of nowhere with little to no competition.

Some additional benefits of using our real estate investor software programs in your investment strategy include:

  • Instantly sorting property details into categories such as foreclosures and preforeclosures, auctions, and multiple listing service (MLS) status.
  • Access to specific property data such as estimated value, comparables, predicted equity, and rent estimates.

Estimate Rehab Costs: Our best-in-the-business Rehab Estimator can evaluate project costs for virtually anything you want to take on. We take into account DIY vs Contractor costs, and even how much local labor and materials cost. No more guesses, no more surprises.

Reach Sellers Efficiently: Use our templates to print out postcards with your lists’ addresses already there. Have your motivated sellers calling you back. Never waste another dollar marketing to the wrong person.

Find More Fix & Flip Deals With The Investor's Edge Software

This Real Estate Investing Software is a Game Changer!

Whether you’re looking for exclusive property data or need some assistance staying on track while finding your first or next deal, The Investor's Edge offers best-in-class house-flipping software with Investor’s Edge and Next Property Roadmap.

With our investment software, you can streamline tasks and find deals long before your competition even notices.

Our market research software makes it easy to discover great deals on properties and locate motivated sellers in rapid time.

Your time is the most valuable commodity.

This REI software makes the most of it! 

If you’re ready to take your real estate investment game to the next level, we encourage you to register for the webinar to learn more about it today.

This Real Estate Investing Software is a Game Changer!