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Ryan G. WrightJun 21, 2018 5:25:39 PM3 min read

18 People Who Can Send You Fix & Flip Referrals Today

18 People Who Can Send You Fix & Flip Referrals Today

My favorite leveraged way to find motivated sellers and discounted properties is to have a whole team of people sending referrals to me!

Over the years, I’ve discovered that there are people in certain jobs that come across desperate people every day who want to unload their home quick.

You build a relationship with those strategic people, offer a referral fee, and sit back and wait for motivated sellers to drop in your lap.

Here are the 18 people you should start building relationships with today!

  1. Moving Truck Rental Companies – For a kickback, they’ll often let you post little posters or flyers (“We buy houses”). If someone rents a moving truck but hasn’t been able to sell their previous home, you might be able to help them out!
  2. Estate Attorneys – If 3 kids inherit a home, they often want to sell it fast and divide the cash. These attorneys can lead you straight to them.
  3. Builder/Tradesmen – They know of projects that don’t get finished because the owner’s cash runs out. They might just be frustrated enough to want out.
  4. Property Management Companies – They know the owners, and there are always owners wanting out of the rental game.
  5. Probate Attorneys – These attorneys settle estates when there is no will. Like estate attorneys, it’s often easier to just get the property liquidated and deal with the cash instead.
  6. Hedge Funds – Many hedge funds buy properties when the market is right, but often don’t want to hold onto these long term.
  7. Hard Money Lender – We get calls from fix & flippers wondering if we have properties to get rid of. It’s an ingenious strategy.
  8. Private Lenders – If a borrower doesn’t follow through, that often means the lender takes ownership of the property… which they usually don’t want. You can be their solution.
  9. Buyers Agent – Talk to every agent in your area. Tell them your exact criteria for a home (the purchase price and rehab must add up to less than 70% of the ARV) and not to call you otherwise. Especially try to find agents who are focused on investing and work with investing clients.
  10. REO Agents – They can let you know about properties before they even hit the market (this is how I got the current house I live in!).
  11. Short Sale Agents – They’ll have the inside scoop on potential properties.
  12. Divorce Attorneys – Sad situation, but often leads to the attorney’s clients wanting quick cash for their home.
  13. Bankruptcy Attorneys – People in tough, transitional situations often want to sell their homes… and bankruptcy certainly qualifies.
  14. Mortgage Broker/Banker – They can help you find people forced to sell, or who need to refinance but have awful credit.
  15. Life Insurance Agents – When a family calls to collect life insurance on a loved one, they might not know what to do with the house. The agent passes you the info, and you can help them out of a tough situation.
  16. Funeral Planners – Same as life insurance agents… you help people during a massive transition period sell the unwanted home.
  17. Roofing/Plumbing Companies – People who can’t finish major projects may decide to sell their homes. These companies can point you in their direction.
  18. Senior Living Financial Counselors – These seniors have houses to sell, and the counselors can pass you referrals.

That should be more than enough to get you started, right?

If you’re ready to take the next step, then let’s partner up!

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