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How to Maximize the ROI on Your Fix Flip Rehab
Jun 2, 2022 3:42:00 PM

How to Maximize the ROI on Your Fix Flip Rehab

Listen to Episode 145:

If you’re not careful, there are many different steps along the way to a fix & flip where you can cost yourself money.

The reverse of this, is that there are many places where you can squeak out some extra profit…when you add them all up, you can easily add thousands of dollars per flip!

  • Finding Tip: How to find good rental areas for BRRR
  • 12 ways you can maximize your ROI
  • The simplest but most overlooked way to save money
  • My secret to beat out the competition when selling a property
  • The type of contractors you MUST avoid


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Ryan G. Wright

Ryan became a multimillionaire before the age of 30 through a combination of real estate investing and a passion for personal finance. He hates Wall Street, loves personal margin, and advocates for everyone to take control of their finances themselves - all of which he talks about on the Income Hacker podcast.