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10 Things To Look For In A Hard Money Lender
May 25, 2022 3:36:00 PM

10 Things To Look For In A Hard Money Lender

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Not all hard money lenders are created equal—they each have their own borrower requirements, evaluation criteria, interest rates, and more. 

So how can you know if you’re getting with one who’s going to help you make max profit on your next deal? Let’s talk about that today.

  • Finding Tip: Bankruptcy
  • The importance of hard money lenders
  • What you should know about hard money
  • Understanding what hard money lenders are looking for
  • How to find the best hard money lenders


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Ryan G. Wright

Ryan became a multimillionaire before the age of 30 through a combination of real estate investing and a passion for personal finance. He hates Wall Street, loves personal margin, and advocates for everyone to take control of their finances themselves - all of which he talks about on the Income Hacker podcast.