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How to Find New Areas to Invest In (Even Out of State)
May 18, 2022 3:29:00 PM

How to Find New Areas to Invest In (Even Out of State)

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If you’re looking for fix and flips in a less-than-ideal area, you might be shooting yourself in the foot right from the start.

In order to consistently find good properties, you have to be looking in the right places. Let’s talk about how to evaluate an area, even if you don’t live nearby!

  • Finding Tip: Pre-Foreclosures
  • The two buckets of real estate investing
  • What’s important to look for in an area   (especially if you’re out of state)
  • Some easy to use tools to help choose the right areas
  • Things that I always look for in a deal

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Ryan G. Wright

Ryan became a multimillionaire before the age of 30 through a combination of real estate investing and a passion for personal finance. He hates Wall Street, loves personal margin, and advocates for everyone to take control of their finances themselves - all of which he talks about on the Income Hacker podcast.