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Welcome to The Income Hacker Podcast

The Income Hacker Podcast will help you fast-track your financial success through real estate investing. Learn how to...

  • Generate a Residual Cash-Flow
  • Build Wealth through Real Estate Investing
  • Become Financially Literate
  • Create Your Family Legacy

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How to Identify the Best Areas in Your State to Flip Houses

How to Calculate How Much You Can Offer on a Property

7 Ways to Decrease Your Risk on Fix and Flips

How to Set 1, 5, and 10-Year Financial Goals

Whats Working Now: My 6-Month Plan for REI

How to Fund A Fix and Flip Deal When a Loan Is Not Enough

How to Calculate the Long-Term Profitability of BRRR Deals

Negotiating 101 - Get Better Prices on Almost Every Deal

How to Find and Close Foreclosure Deals

What is a Realistic Goal for Your First Year Flipping Houses

My Playbook for Investing in a Chaotic Market

How to Invest if a Recession is Coming

How to Build a System for Flipping Deals Repeatedly

On Market vs Off Market Fix and Flip Deals

6 Ways to Increase Profit on Every Fix and Flip

5 Steps To Make More With Your Investments Than Your Job

How to Identify Properties for BRRR Deals

How to Get a Hard Money Loan to Flip Houses

Should You Start with Wholesaling or Fix & Flips?

How to Find and Evaluate Deals Remotely

How to Overcome the 7 Most Common Objections from Sellers

Do Multi Family or Single Family Homes Make for Better Rentals?

How to Maximize the ROI on Your Fix Flip Rehab

10 Things To Look For In A Hard Money Lender

How to Find New Areas to Invest In (Even Out of State)

6 Ways to Acquire Rental Properties

How to Place Lots of Offers and NEVER Lose Your Earnest Money

The 7 Fastest Ways to Find Fix Flip Deals

12 Favorite Ways to Get 100% Financing

Why Driving for Dollars is My #1 Strategy And How to Do It

How is REI Affected by an International Conflict

How to Drastically Increase Your Real Estate Investing Skills Quickly

How to Invest in Real Estate During Massive Inflation

Art of the Side Hustle with Nick Loper

Tools Every Real Estate Investor Should Have

How to Identify Deals in 10 Minutes or Less

Protecting Your Assets with Scott Royal Smith

How Much Money Do You Need to Flip a Property?

How to Find Properties to Flip on the MLS

Investing with A Full-Time Job with Daniel Godbout

How to Get Cash Flow From Real Estate

How to Tell if You Should Wholesale Fix and Flip or BRRR a Deal

Why Wholesaling is the Best Thing for New Investors

Invest Smarter with Gil Baumgarten

How to Build a Huge Network of Cash Buyers

How to Close Motivated Sellers Over the Phone

The 7 Most Impactful Secrets to My Personal Finance Success

The 7-Step Guide to Buy Your First Real Estate Investment

How to Find The Best Area to Invest In

How Long Does it Actually Take to Find a Deal?

Moratorium Over: How to Scoop Up Pre-Foreclosure Deals

How to Invest in Real Estate with Bad Credit

How Rich Investors Think Differently From Poor Investors

How to Sell Your Finished Flip Quickly for the Most Profit

How to Reliably Calculate Your Fix Flips After Repair Value

How To Negotiate The Best Price For a House You Want To Flip

How to Find Deals in Our Current Sellers Market

Making Passive Income In Student Housing with Ryan Chaw

How To Scale Your Real Estate Investing Portfolio Wisely

Tips For Investing Long-Distance (Out-of-State Real Estate Properties)

Should I Sell or Rent My Property After Flipping It?

How To Use Your Personal Residence to Fund Your Real Estate Investing

Investing vs. Speculating

The House Flipping Process From Beginning To End

The Mindset of a Successful Real Estate Investor

What to Look for in the Best Real Estate Investing Software

The Real Estate Wholesale Process (From Beginning to End)

What Makes a Good Deal?

The 5 Income Accelerators with Jeff Rose

Building a Real Estate Investing Team

The Complete Guide to Off-Market Real Estate Investing

Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate Investing

How Much Can You Realistically Earn Your First 5 Years of REI?

How Important is The Housing Market When Deciding Where and When to Invest

What is Daily Life Like as a Real Estate Investor

Investing For Cash Flow vs. Flipping For Profit

What is Hard Money and How To Get it To Invest in Real Estate

How Flipping Houses Affects Real Estate Taxes

9 Biggest Mistakes My 1st Year in Real Estate

How to Analyze a Real Estate Deal in Less Than 20 Minutes

10 Biggest Landlord Mistakes... and How to Avoid Them

10 Amazing Strategies for Finding Properties

Driving For Dollars

Become An Insider With Bank-Owned Homes

Tapping the Estate Sale Gold Mine

The Secrets to Finding Pre-Foreclosures

How to Structure Partner Deals

How to Find Investment Properties for Free

How to Find and Pick a Good Contractor

10 Principles of Personal Finance That Changed My Life

How to Scale Your Real Estate Investing

How Do You Decide What Area to Invest In

How To Sell Your Flip Quickly For Max Retail Price

How to Minimize Your Legal Risk and Liability in Flipping

How to Calculate Rehab Costs

How to Do Competitive Market Analysis

Finding Off Market Properties

How to Flip Houses Out of State

How To Make Tax-Free Profit with John Bowens

Buying a House with Code Violations

A Flipping Success with Ed Kelso

How Many Houses Can You Flip In A Year

How To Flip Foreclosed Houses

The Best Real Estate To Invest In

The Truth About Wholesaling With Andy McFarland

Finding Deals Using For Rent By Owner

Rental Properties Part 3 - Determining Financials

Rental Properties Part 2 - Finding A Rental ROI

Rental Properties Part 1 - Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Coach's Corner Jon Lattimore

Coach’s Corner with Lashauna Beckett

Giving Your Money a Purpose With Chris Naugle

Finding Joy Amidst Hardships With Jennifer Gligoric and Brian Price

Coach's Corner with Shondreka Davis: Finding, Valuing, and Deciding on Properties

Unlocking Your Mind and Finding Your Motivation With Trey Downes

Creating and Optimizing an Investment Website with Jessey Kwong

The Basics of Deal Making with Dominick Wallace

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with Josh Elledge

Turn Fix & Flip Checks Into Long-Term Rentals

How To Flip Your First Or Next Property During An Economic Crisis

Real Estate Investing Tips With Zachary Beach

Small Multi Family Unit Real Estate Investing

Owner Financing Insights With Mitch Stephens

Be Your Own Bank with M.C. Laubscher of CashFlow Ninja

Choosing The Right Neighborhood To Invest In

Reverse Amortization: How To Find A Great Wholesaling Deal

How to Achieve Financial Freedom Starting with 100 USD

How Economic Downturns Affect Rental Property Investing

Real Estate and Airbnb: Hack Your Income Renting Rooms

Wholesaling From Zero to 2 Million

How to Live From Rental Properties

Reach Unique and Tailored Financial Goals

How to Start Investing in Farmland with 5K USD

Become a Million Dollar Machine with Coach Micheal Burt

Reverse Engineer Your Income Goals

Become a Luxury Real Estate Agent with Dusty Baker

The BRRRR Method For Income Hacking

Turnkey Investments and Passive Investing with Marco Santarelli

203k Loans and Cracking the Real Estate Code

Get Paid to Live for Free with Daray Olaleye of Before The Millions

Become an Expert in Real Estate Write-offs

Out-of-state Investing with Bo Kim of Bigger Cash Flow Podcast

From Nothing to 75 Million Dollars of Net Worth with Brandon Dawson

Become a HyperLocal Real Estate Agent with Dan Lesniak

The Mindset Success Strategies To Get Back On Top Following A Fall

Multifamily Investing with Seth Ferguson of Purchase to Profits

Cashflow Management and the Millionaire Mind

From Living in a Car to Seven Figures with Ricky Carruth

How to Buy a Property Without a Down-Payment

Facebook Advertising and Online Marketing for Realtors

Probate Property Finding Strategies

How to Get Into Real Estate With a 9-5 Job

Real Estate Investing For Seniors With Bill Manassero of Old Dawg Network

Asset Protection and the 4 Asset Types

Bitcoin and the Money Paradigm Shift with Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante

Multi-family Syndication and Finding the Very Best Markets

Off-Market Strategies and Getting Ahead of the Deal

Side Hustles and Pursuing Our Goals and Dreams

How to Pay a 52k Debt in 18 Months with a Household Income of 72K - Episode 9

Why Real Estate is a Numbers Game and How to Beat the Odds - Episode 8

The Art of Wholesaling with Chris Rood - Episode 7

Multi-Million Dollar Deals in Just Five Years With Ola Dantis - Episode 6

How to Wholesale Real Estate With Little or No Money - Episode 5

Strategies for Finding Off-Market Deals with Dan Breslin - Episode 4

Unlocking your Inner Genius with Evan Carmichael - Episode 3

How Income Hacking Made me a Better Person (Manifesto) - Episode 2

I am an Income Hacker - Episode 1

Family Legacy Planning - Step 5

Cash-Flow Investments - Step 4

Maximize Credit For Financial Freedom - Step 3

Emergency Fund - Step 2

Intentional Spending To Decrease Expenses - Step 1

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